Plan Your Outdoor Events With Pulse Entertainment This Spring

Everyone loves a party, but when the weather cheers up, your options also increase. During the springtime, parties and events can either partially involve the outdoors or completely take place outside. Depending on the occasion, throwing an event outside can double or triple your and your guest’s enjoyment. Nothing takes the place of a beautiful day!

With Pulse Entertainment’s event planning in Philadelphia, PA, we can offer you everything that’s available inside for your outside event, no matter what kind of party or special event it is, be it a:

  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Summer gathering
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • Or other event

We can set you up with an amazing natural backdrop! With the trees, flowers and foliage behind you, pictures will turn out absolutely stunning. The soft weather will carry over into elated spirits, making for quite the fun-filled event. It will be a time you look back on and reminisce, “That was a gorgeous night.”

Party under the stars! We can bring the ambiance with uplighting, active light shows and even an outdoor dance floor for your tent. This different atmosphere will inspire you and create memories for years to come.

What about the rain?     

That’s what tents are for. If you’re terrified of rain ruining your Special Day, we are here to tell you never fear. If you set up your tent four to five days prior to the day of, you will be able to keep the inside ground dry, avoiding a messy, muddy or soggy walking space. By doing so, instead of the rain being foreboding, it can actually add its own ephemeral beauty. Gazing out at the rain while together with friends, family or a loved one can be romantic as much as it is grounds for a mud fight.

Start imagining what your event will look like outdoors, and let Pulse Entertainment make whatever is possible inside, possible for you outside. Plan your party reception outdoors or have a cocktail hour surrounded by natural beauty; many country clubs have patios that overlook scenic areas! Pulse Entertainment, also a corporate event planner in Philadelphia, will take care of your outdoor event and make it a dream come true.  

Wedding Season is NOW – Start Booking Your Entertainment

With warm weather, comes your once-in-a-lifetime Special Day. No one can take that away from you, but the planning can really make you want to pull your hair out. Sit down, relax and let’s take a breather. Sometimes planning a wedding can feel like bungee jumping–other times it can feel like getting lost in a cornfield. Regardless, it shouldn’t be holding you back from being excited or stressing you out to the point of second, third, or fourth-guessing yourself. This is your day; therefore, you need to be the one having the most fun.

As event planners in New Jersey, Pulse Entertainment is here to present you with a one-stop array of services from photography to decor. Everything you need is right here, easy to obtain, and cost-effective. If you want to have a good time, feast your eyes.


DJs and Music

What is a wedding without good music? That first dance–intertwined in forever–should have an amazing background euphony. Your parent dance should not only evoke tears of joy, but also draw your families together in tune. What about your friends? What’s a real party without a pulse? Make your drinks ripple and your loved ones embarrass themselves with fun dance music that can make anyone break out their hidden moves. As a wedding DJ in NJ, Pulse Entertainment can more than make that happen.


Decor and Ambience

Look the part. Your venue is certainly important, but what about the draping, lounge furniture, and uplighting? Your wedding theme and atmosphere is essential for evoking a certain energy or thrill (you know it). Let us take care of all of that for you. Give us some direction and we will make it possible.


Photography and Video

So you can always look back on it–so you can always remember that moment, we work hand-in-hand with Serendipity Studios, a Bucks County wedding photographer, to bring you amazing photographs to reminisce with and cherish forever. We also provide video so you can watch the smiles and the tears over and over again.


Pulse Entertainment is here for any and all of your needs this wedding season. Don’t wait! Time is running out and everything is getting booked up. Make sure your wedding is the best it can possibly be while also keeping yourself sane (that’s the important part). Call us today at our different locations – PA: 215-310-0211, NJ/NY: 908-379-8006, FL: 407-205-9013.

New Year, New Party Scene at Our Office in Orlando, Florida

Our entertainment spread down the East Coast and to our new office in Orlando, Florida, flooding the state with an all new party scene never experienced there before. We are proud to say that we have expanded to the #1 vacation destination, where thrills are already vivid and alive.

At our new location, we are offering everything we already offer here in Philadelphia and New York, except brand new. We have photography, photo booths, videos, and the like all prepped for your bar/bat mitzvah, Quinceañera, wedding, or other exciting events. Already, we have thrown a handful of successful parties in the area, servicing these major cities with a brand of entertainment Florida has never seen:

  • Orlando
  • Miami
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Boca Raton
  • Sarasota
  • Tampa Bay
  • Jacksonville

We are also offering our clients the ability to bring in any of our talents to run their parties Philly-style or New York-style. If there’s a certain person you like, enjoy, or are drawn to, we will fly them in for you without holding anyone back. We are a family here at Pulse Entertainment, and we are all connected no matter the distance.

We get to meet new people every day and we can’t wait to meet you. You will help us in shaping our Florida presence and the start of an all new type of entertainment from our location in Orlando. This area has a good feeling, with a lot of happiness surrounding it. That is why our new manager, Kevin Kaiser, initially moved down to Florida in the first place.



Kevin Kaiser

After being a part of the Disney World entertainment scene, Kevin Kaiser later went on to spur the idea of combining the world-class theme park’s standards with our Pulse Experience. This concoction is one no one can expect to find anywhere else!

Kevin Kaiser is a Philadelphia DJ with over 12 years of experience. Having studied Popular Music in college, he has the skillset that allows him to name almost any pop song in just a few seconds. He has perfected the art of fitting the right songs with the right atmosphere to make a party absolutely magical.

Despite being party planners in Philadelphia, PA, we are here to tell you that we are branching out to Florida! Bring us your ideas, bring us your guests, and we will bring you irreplaceable and unforgettable memories. Our all new Florida number is: 407-205-9013. Pass the news along!

Lights, Camera, Action! But more importantly, LIGHTS

While our photography and videography skills are through the roof and absolutely essential for having any sort of special event or party, we also want to shift the spotlight onto ambiance. Set the mood; create an atmosphere. Can you imagine a party that is flat with drab, yellow lights? Yeah, you don’t want that. On top of that, how do you expect to look good without a sensual purple glow or decadent pinspotting? This is supposed to be a party, and included are the expectations of good lighting.

D a n c e

Dancing in the dark with a stream of night club lights pumping with the beat is also a perfect invitation to beckon more bodies onto the floor. Without the right scene, dancing doesn’t seem to fit. By including a proper light show setup, guests will be encouraged to let the music indulge them. This will, in turn, make your party or special event one to remember. More movement means more fun, more laughter, and more engagement. You want this once-in-a-lifetime night to be remembered for a long time coming. Don’t cut corners; make sure your lighting is on point!

S i t

Pulse Entertainment is proud to offer LED light-up furniture. That’s right; lighting doesn’t always have to be on the dance floor; you can even sit and still be a part of the ambiance. Don’t you want to feel cool while lounging about, nursing a drink, watching your friends break it down? Our LED light-up furniture doesn’t even need to be plugged in; we won’t let our wires show. Trust us; your scene will have a radiant look in any color to match any theme.

A t m o s p h e r e

Maybe this event will be your wedding or bar/bat mitzvah.  Our uplighting can be programmed to give you the color mood that you want.  For instance, if you want to walk into a room and feel a touch of color added to the room, that is easy.  You can also walk into the room and feel bathed in your favorite color.  Our uplighting will set the atmosphere for your event and make people feel like they are not in a regular banquet venue.  Our uplighting can also be set to any color, as well as controlled remotely so as to be changed throughout the night.

Pulse Entertainment is here to light up your night and give your event the spotlight it deserves. It’s time to start considering what kind of atmosphere you want to show off to your guests and partake in yourself. We will help you make the right tone and even change it through the event or party. Trust in us to illuminate your night.

Pulse Entertainment are also wedding DJs in Philadelphia, capable of rocking any bride and groom onto the dance floor. Our DJ services in Philadelphia keep the beat all party long!!

Why Video is so Important: Relive an Everlasting Memory

Now that we’ve covered the importance of photography in our last blog entry, we thought we would take you through the benefits of having your event captured with video. I bet the thought never even crossed your mind–what with everyone carrying around their smartphone recording devices, why would you need anything else? That’s a good question. Many hosts and hostesses do not necessarily understand the value of having a professional cover their event. Don’t get us wrong; we’re sure your guests can get killer videos up close and personal. But what about your guests? They aren’t in the videos they’re taking. And the videos themselves? We doubt your phone has an fstop. Not to discredit the videos and photos your guests will take; we just want to clue you in on what you might be missing out on.


  • Capture special moments you might not see.
    As a host or hostess of your special event, you can’t (unfortunately) be everywhere at once. Your guests are having their own experiences. Maybe they are talking about you–how beautiful or handsome you are. Maybe they are cracking jokes or telling stories about you, how you met, embarrassing moments, etc. If you were there, maybe they wouldn’t say those things. If someone had their phone out, maybe those words wouldn’t be shared. But a videographer from afar isn’t within their radar and is the last thing on their minds while they are having fun. You can watch that video later as if you were there, able to see the funny or emotional moments. Without video, you’d miss them.
  • Sharing is a possibility.
    Hey, remember that event you weren’t able to go to? Well, there’s only so much you can tell. And what about the future? Your brother or sister is too young, your kids aren’t born yet, parts of your family have still yet to bloom. Will you be able to remember all of the details then? Perhaps, but you shouldn’t take the chance. With video, you can easily have extra copies made and share them with all of your guests and family, while saving the rest for the future. If it’s your wedding day, what if your daughter wants to see what your special day was like? Now you can share.
  • Relive it.
    Watch it again and again. Be there over and over. With professional high definition cutting edge video and with full-coverage, you can feel as though you are in it. And you were! But playing it again, you can smell the smells and taste the food all over again. Having such a treasure can let you rekindle those memories as many times as you want to.
  • Audio is irreplaceable.
    It is! Nothing is better than the background audio. The video is one thing, but hearing the side remarks, comments, and hilarity happening on the side–you just can’t get that anywhere else. These are your friends, your family, your loved ones all gathered on your big day, sharing it with you and their dumb jokes. You can hear the emotion in their voices, you can hear yourself saying your vows or giving a speech, or just thanking them. All of you together is gold, and the audio can show you a glimpse.
  • Your Guests are irreplaceable
    One thing that people don’t like to think about are the elderly guests at your event and how they may not be around much longer to enjoy these life moments.  If you have a video of your special event, you will see them enjoying themselves while being surrounded by family and maybe saying a few words to you as they are interviewed by the videographer.  These moments are priceless and truthfully one of the most motivating factors when it comes to having professional video at your event.


Having Images of a special moment in time are also just as valuable. Unlike video, they can be passed around and shared physically with friends and family that weren’t in attendance. Of course, it’s not the same without a moving visual or audio, but is it also just as special, honing in on a specific scene or moment that occurred candidly. Having a professional photographer and videographer available at your special event will preserve the memories forever.


Pulse Entertainment wants you to be able to enjoy yourself worry-free. Put your phones away and let us take care of it for you. We can compile a video of your special event that will be an irreplaceable part of your life. Have no doubts. We are the party planners in Philadelphia, PA that will give you and your guests the greatest time; our DJ services in Philadelphia are the latest. Please call us with any inquiries or to start planning now.