Monthly Archives: October 2019

Why You Need a Video Wall At Your Next Event

In a world full of short attention spans, it can be difficult to keep party guests engaged for the duration of an event. You go out of your way to hire exceptional musical entertainment, spend hours decorating the venue, and shell out a good chunk of change for a five-star menu, and still find people staring at their phones throughout the course of the night.  

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Essential Elements of an Epic School Dance

The tradition of the school dance is pretty much as old as education itself, and time-tested traditions tend to come with their own set of customs. 

But who says school dances always have to feature a bunch of young people awkwardly standing against the wall or sitting at tables and looking at their phones in boredom? Who says you can’t pull off a school dance that gets every single attendee excited and involved, fills the dance floor, and leaves everyone with unforgettable memories they’ll talk about for years?

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