Wedding Event Coordinator

Your wedding day is one of the most magical days of your life. With all the amazing events that take place on this day, it’s important to have them planned to a T. The reception alone requires plans including food, music, a professional wedding photographer, and more. At Pulse Your Party, we understand that wedding planning can be time-consuming. That’s why, in addition to being wedding entertainment professionals, we are also leading wedding event coordinators in Philadelphia, PA, New Jersey, New York, Orlando, FL, and more.

Your special day should be a fun and stress-free experience. Pulse Entertainment can give you that experience of a lifetime with our wedding planning services. As wedding entertainment specialists, we know every detail that goes into wedding receptions. Not only do we provide MCs, DJs, dancers, photographers, and videographers for your big day, but we also offer you a wedding event coordinator to plan along with you every step of the event coordinator new jersey

From the beginning of your wedding planning process, we will partner you with one of our experienced wedding event coordinators. From the second you find your first vendor until the last decoration is packed away on the day of the wedding, our wedding planners will be by your side to make the process as exciting and stress-free as possible.

When it comes to picking a venue, a food vendor, a photographer, and a DJ, our wedding event coordinators can help you. As a DJ entertainment company, we provide DJs and MCs for your event. We also have our own in-house photographer. If you’d prefer to pick your own photographer and other vendors, our wedding planners will coordinate with them to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Instead of tracking down all of your vendors separately, the wedding event coordinators at Pulse Your Party can bring them together to communicate, taking the burden off of your hands.

If you haven’t picked specific vendors or a venue yet, we can work with you to pick the perfect ones for your specific needs, preferences, and budget, in Philadelphia, PA, and New Jersey as well as all the other cities and states we serve. When it comes to making big decisions for your big day, you aren’t alone when you partner with the wedding event coordinators at Pulse Your Party.

When you plan your wedding with us, we will provide you with a Wedding Planning Packet. This packet will allow you to write down and discuss all of your preferences when planning your wedding. After you do that, we take it from there. All you’ll have to worry about is having the night of your dreams.

Our wedding planning packet includes a customized wedding timeline, a reception checklist, and an important wedding details sheet. By filling this out, you will give your wedding event coordinator and MC an idea of how you would like your wedding and reception to go.

Customized Wedding Timeline

On the customized wedding timeline, your wedding event coordinator will work with you to decide which wedding events will take place and how long they will be. Events on the wedding timeline include:

  • Ceremony start time
  • Cocktail hour information
  • Reception start time
  • Introductions
  • First dance
  • Toast
  • Mother/son and father/daughter dances
  • Dinner and dessert time
  • Dancing start time

…and more! By following this timeline, your wedding event coordinator will make sure to keep everything on time and on track to keep the day running smoothly.

Reception Checklist

Your reception checklist will determine the mood, music, and ceremonies for your reception. With this checklist, you will decide:

  • MC interactivity
  • Reception mood (fun, humorous, wild, formal, classy, etc.)
  • Music requests
  • Special ceremonies
  • Special announcements

Your wedding event coordinator and MC will strictly follow this checklist to give you the atmosphere you’ve always hoped for on your wedding day.

The Wedding Planning Packet will also allow you to fill in the names of everyone in your bridal party, specific song requests, likes and dislikes, and more.

When you plan your wedding with Pulse Your Party, you will be getting a wedding event coordinator that will tailor one of the best days of your life the exact way you want it. Whether you’re located in Philadelphia, Orlando, New York, or New Jersey, our wedding event coordinators and entertainers will make your wedding day stress-free and remarkable for you, your spouse, and your family and friends.

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